Knowing Your Display Options

When exhibiting at trade shows, it’s important to understand the display options that are available. Before making a decision, be sure to educate yourself on the different types of trade show displays. Then you can choose the option that best fits your company’s needs and budget.

Trade show display booths include custom trade show displays, modular displays, exhibit rentals, pop up (or portable) displays and banner stands. All of these trade show display booth types can effectively market your business.

A custom exhibit can make all the difference for the company needing to stand out at a trade show. These custom exhibits promote your company through branded marketing so that trade show attendees immediately get a feel for the style, capabilities and professionalism of your company. Modular displays are elaborate trade show display booths...Read More»

Save Your Feet With Trade Show Flooring

How many trade shows do you attend each year? If it’s more than one or two and you don’t own trade show flooring, you’re not doing your feet or your wallet any favors! Most convention centers have flooring for rent, however, renting gets expensive over time.

If you purchase portable trade show flooring, you can purchase the color and style you need for your display. You can control the cleanliness of the flooring and present a more pulled-together, and polished look.

Our flooring comes in a variety of styles and colors, and each 2×2 foot piece interlocks. All of the pieces stack together and fit into a travel case that will cover 10×10 foot booth. The pieces are lightweight and easy to handle so putting them together and taking them apart shouldn’t add significant time or hardship to your trade show experience.

Most...Read More»

Now Offering Truss Displays

Exhibe Portable is one of the leading Trade Show Display Company’s and has expanded their product line. They now offer trade show truss display systems. These systems are priced as packaged deals including graphic production. However, they have the abilities to customize any display to fit your needs.

Their truss displays are great they provide exhibitor with a professional presence at the show.  While must truss display booths require tools for setup and dismantle their display is unique and completely tool less. You simply twist and snap lock the connecting pieces together. These unique features saves time on setup and dismantle making their truss display booths great for first time exhibitors or experienced vets.

I would recommend checking Exhibe Portable out especially if you’re in the market for portable display products. They are truly...Read More»

The Importance of Design

If you are going to a trade show and will be an exhibitor you are probably well aware of how large of an undertaking this is. You are probably also aware of the fact that all your competitors will be there and each of them will be vying for the very limited attention span of potential customers and partners. You may put a ton of time over the course of the year preparing for your important trade shows and ensuring that your’ messaging, collateral, and demos are flawless. You will spend a great deal of time thinking about how to position yourself and in training your staff to excel. You will spend a lot of money on booth fees and exhibit rentals such as banner stands, literature racks and collateral. You will also likely be hinging a large percentage of potential partnering opportunities and sales on the show. But this may all go to waste if the design of your...Read More»

Standing Out On The Convention Floor

It’s hard to standout in an overcrowded trade show convention floor. Your job as an exhibitor is to draw in attendees and essentially sell your self along with your company’s products and services Let me clarify I don’t mean sell your self literally I meant metaphorically. As an exhibitor you need to find a way to connect with your trade show display visitors.  Studies have shown that people are more inclined to purchase goods and services from someone they like versus not. So basically the more comfortable your potential clients are with you the better the end results will be.

Having the proper display and trade show graphics can make your job a lot easier. A properly designed custom trade show display should attract and welcome attendees. Your booth should be laid out in way that’s welcomes, is properly staffed, and has adequate branding through...Read More»

Trade Show Marketing Tips In Touhgh Economic Times

Today, when the economy is suffering against harsh conditions marketing may unfortunately receive the most cut-backs. It is important to realize that during these harsh economic conditions the companies that market themselves most effectively are the ones that capture the largest portion of audience when the economy returns to normal. The competitive stroke of marketing during these conditions enables the potential buyers to feel more positively about the company’s commitment towards their products and services. The best way to promote oneself during the economic slow-down is by measuring your goals and developing a quantitative method to analyze the success of the trade show. Cost reductions methods may involve reducing the size of your exhibit space, usage of simple yet attractive exhibit materials, exhibit rentals from local exhibit houses, and staffing...Read More»

Literature Racks and Their Types

Although in this digital age almost every trade show is full of digital means to promote products but this does not mean that the importance of literature racks has died down. The legacy of using literature racks is still very well famous amongst various exhibitors as literature display racks are used to display various types of company literature.

Basically there are three types of literature display racks namely Rigid Steel Racks, Collapsible Steel Racks, and Nylon Made Portable Literature Racks.

Rigid Steel Racks are durable but aren’t portable hence it is tough to carry them from one place to other. On the other hand Collapsible Steel Racks are portable and hence can be carried from one point to the other. Nylon made portable literature racks have less weight. These literature racks can be rolled up and packed for easy transportation.

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Exhibiting: Information Is Power

Why does your company exhibit at the shows they do? Have they done their homework? It is very important for exhibitors to do their research prior to exhibiting at the shows to ensure complete success.

Attend the shows first. If you plan on exhibiting at a show plan to attend it first to gather information. You will need to know what your competitors are going to the shows with; are they exhibiting with banner stands, pop-ups, modular displays or a custom exhibit? With this information you can determine what it will take for you to be different than your closest competitors. You can also take this information to an exhibit house like Exhibé Corporation where they will do a complete comprehensive budget for your entire show. Other reasons to attend the show are to get a feeling for who...Read More»

Banner Stands to Divert Attention towards ‘Your’ Booth

Size matters! Well, if you understand the importance of this statement then I guess you should understand why banner stands are the key to success for any trade show exhibit. Graphics has always had the upper hand when it comes to attracting the attention of customers for any known business.

Similarly, presenting the company professionally is the foremost goal for any exhibitor and this is when the importance of banner display stands. Retractable banner stands will help any exhibitor to attract attention of trade show attendees. One can create their own, unique, showrooms by using their retractable banner stands.

These banner stands can be used to display company logo and various company achievements. The advantage with banner stands is that their graphics can be changed as per requirements. Also, these retractable banner stands can be used for multiple...Read More»

Must Read Trade Show Exhibit Design Tips

Trade shows have the potential to make or break the image of any company. Well planned trade show booth design can bring in attendees who will later become long term clients while results would be vice versa if the exhibit design wasn’t up to the mark. Here we will discuss some quick tips for the design of your exhibit which will leave everlasting impact on various attendees.

Remember that your exhibit shouldn’t look like a sales pitch and it must connect the attendees to your organization emotionally. Your trade show exhibit design should clearly reflect the features of your product / service and the goals of your organization. Along with graphics the exhibit can be designed to use multimedia and lighting features to grab the attention of show visitors.

Graphics used in your product and in the company literature should be used in the exhibit...Read More»